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Version 1.2 Beta Testing

8-28 Dec 2016

Our Beta Test on Version 1.2 shows major improvement compared to Version 1.1! The total time recorded for the entire process of on-boarding and renewing motor insurance now only takes 5 minutes!*

*Subject to internet speed and applicable for straight-forward renewal cases

GetCover is now an MSC Status Company

9 Dec 2016

GetCover has been awarded with the MSC Status Company. Mr. Donald Chee, the Assessment Manager of MDEC presented the Letter of Acceptance to GetCover CEO, Paul Khoo after the signing ceremony at MDEC Office.

FAOM 1st AGM & Committee Election

2 Dec 2016

The FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) held its first Annual General Meeting to elect its official Board of Committee. We are proud to announce that our CEO, Paul Khoo was elected and uncontested as the Vice President of FAOM.

FAOM Press Launch

18 Nov 2016

The FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) was officially launched with the aim of having a unified voice amongst financial technology firms to engage and work with regulators.

FAOM Info Session

9 & 16 Nov 2016

GetCover co-hosted two separate info sessions to encourage information exchange and provide networking opportunities for start-ups and companies within the financial and technology industry.

Penang Car Boot Barter* Trade Carnival’16

13 Aug 2016

GetCover was one of the sponsors in this CSR programme to promote zero-waste living. Participants get to exchange their unused item with another item without monetary terms. The programme also aimed at educating the younger generation to treasure their surrounding belongings and not to treat them as waste material if it is still functional.

*Note: Barter is a system of exchange where goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money.[1] Source:

Version 1.1 Beta Testing & Preview

1 Aug 2016 & 22 Sept 2016

We have successfully tested the app Version 1.1 from onboarding to renewal of motor insurance within 10 minutes. A test demo preview of the app was also shared with registered partners and we have received a lot positive and constructive feedback on how we could make it better!

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