A. GetCover & GetCover App


A1  Who are we?

GetCover Sdn Bhd is a mobile app and IT platform solution provider that is fully-owned, managed and based in Malaysia. Also, We were awarded the MSC status in 2016 under the MSC4STARTUPS.

On 25 May 2017, GetCover obtained the approval to participate in the BNM FinTech Regulatory Sandbox. Under the sandbox, we aim to build a customer driven mobile app that delivers a new and great experience in insurance and road tax renewal, automating the entire on-boarding, motor insurance and road tax renewal process between 5-10 minutes.

In addition, we also collaborate with MDEC under the eRezeki programme to reach out to the B40 segment for digital income opportunities through our Digital Micro Task and career development programme.

A2  What is GetCover App?

GetCover App is a mobile app service that allows you to renew your motor insurance and road tax from an iPhone or Android smart phone. So by using the App, you can access to your policy and vehicle information. This service requires Internet access from either a WIFI source or your phone’s mobile data network.

A3  Why should I renew my motor insurance with GetCover App when I can do it through my agent or direct online?

We designed GetCover App with the end user in mind. So that it is easily accessible on your mobile phone. Moreover, you can renew your motor insurance anywhere between 5-10 minutes. It’s that fast because it requires minimal data entry as our app is linked to both ISM and JPJ system. Therefore, your vehicle and insurance details is auto-populated, making it simple and user friendly for anyone.

A4  How do I install the GetCover App?

Step 1: Go to the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android phones) on your mobile phone.
Step 2: Search for the App by keying in the app name “GetCover”. Download the App with the icon below by clicking Get / Install:
Step 3: Create your account by setting up your user ID and password. You can log in using the same user ID and password. You may also add in the details of your Inviter/Social Partner later in My Partner under My Profile of your account.

If you receive an invitation link, just click the link and it will direct you straight to the App Info Page. All you need to do is to click Get / Install to download GetCover App. Then you may continue with account creation by setting up your user ID and password. After that, the details of your Inviter/ Social Partner and Licensed Financial Adviser will be updated automatically in My Partner under My Profile of your account.

A5  Is the 1st time registration process for the GetCover App complicated?

Not at all. In fact all you need to do is to key in 5 of your personal information:

  • Name as per NRIC
  • NRIC number
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Vehicle registration number

Furthermore, you don’t need to refer to any documents or remember other information i.e. your car engine number, year of manufacture, chassis number, etc. In fact our app auto-population feature will do the work. It’s that easy!

A6  I have a few email addresses, which one shall I use to register?

We recommend that you use your most frequented personal email i.e. gmail whereby the email account is active. But we do not recommend using your work / office email because your email address will be used to secure your GetCover App account upon registration and cannot be changed.

A7  Will I be charged for downloading GetCover App?

This app is free for anyone to download and use for customers.

A8  Can I download GetCover App into my iPad or any other tablets?

No, GetCover App is only available for download in Apple iPhone and Android smart phones.

A9  Is there a desktop version available for GetCover App?

No, GetCover App is only available on mobile phone.

A10  How do I know if my mobile phone is able to download GetCover App?

Your mobile phone must have the following minimum specs:

Type of mobile phones Apple iPhone Android Smart Phone
Specifications iOS version 8.0 or later Android 5.0 or later
Other requirements · Internet Access (WIFI or Mobile Date from telco network)
· Min 12.2 MB memory space
· Min screen size resolution 480 x 800 i.e. Samsung J1 or iPhone 5

A11  Currently, I have GetCover App on my mobile phone. Can I let my friend log in to GetCover app using my mobile phone?

No, we designed GetCover App for 1 user per mobile phone for data security, financial, privacy, and notification reasons.

A12  Can I use GetCover App on my friend’s mobile phone?

No, we designed GetCover App for 1 user per mobile phone for data security, financial, privacy, and notification reasons.

A13  I used GetCover App to renew motor insurance and road tax for my cars previously but I lost my mobile phone. What will happen to my account?

Don’t worry as your GetCover App account will remain unaffected. So all you need to do is download the GetCover App and log in using the same user ID and password. Then you can access to your account as usual. However, this is subject to you using the same mobile phone number. Nevertheless, we recommend that you change your password to a new one.

A14  I have entered my NRIC number wrongly during registration. Can I still use the App to renew my motor insurance and road tax?

You will not be able to proceed because the ISM system will not match with the wrong NRIC number. Also, you must first ensure all information provided is correct. In order to resolve this, please email to customercare@getcover.asia

A15  How do I get assistance for other enquiries not found in this FAQ?

You may write to us by clicking the tab Reach Out to Us on our website. Alternatively, you may also email us at customercare@getcover.asia

A16  How soon can I get the response from customercare@getcover.asia?
You will receive an auto receipt acknowledgement on the same day. Our customer care team is committed to provide their 1st response within 1 working day from the date of your email received.

B. GetCover Partners


B1  What is Social Partner and what do they do?

Social Partner is the person who introduce GetCover App to you by sending you an invitation link either by email, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat and so forth. Their primary role is to share, promote and guide you on how to use GetCover App.

They will also introduce you to a Licensed Financial Adviser because they are not permitted to sell, advise, or give recommendations on matters related to motor insurance policies.

B2  What is Licensed Financial Adviser and what do they do?

Licensed Financial Adviser is the person appointed by our Licensed Intermediary Partner who can advise you on the coverage, features of your motor insurance policy or even other financial related products. They hold the Financial Adviser’s Representative License which is the approved and recognised qualification to carry out financial advisory business in Malaysia.

B3  When should I contact Social Partner or Licensed Financial Adviser?

You should contact your Social Partner when you need assistance and support on using GetCover App. But if you have any enquiries about motor insurance or your insurance policy, you should contact your Licensed Financial Adviser.

Both of their contact details can be found in the App under My Profile > My Partner of your account.

B4  My friend sent me an invitation link to download GetCover App. Instead of clicking the invitation link, I’ve accidentally downloaded the App directly from Apple App Store / Google Play Store. What can I do so that I can have my friend as my Social Partner?

You may add in your friend’s details by log in to your GetCover account, go to My Profile and then My Partner and click Edit.

B5  I would like to change my Social Partner. How can I do this?

Social Partner is person who introduced GetCover App to you. The system will automatically recognize the first successful account registration from the invitation link that you clicked or the first successful update of My Partner. Thereafter, you will not be able to change your Social Partner.

B6  Are Social Partners entitled to a commission?

Yes, Social Partners are entitled a percentage of commission up to 5%, based on successful transactions. Moreover, the commission will be reviewed periodically subject to market conditions and partners’ performance. This is applicable for customer who is introduced by Social Partners through GetCover App.

B7  Do Licensed Financial Advisers get any commission?

Yes, Licensed Financial Advisers get a percentage of commission up to 9.5%, based on the successful transaction. Although, we will review the commission periodically subject to market conditions and partners’ performance.

B8  Do I pay the commission for my Social Partner and Licensed Financial Adviser on my motor insurance renewal?

No, we don’t charge for your Social Partner and Licensed Financial Adviser’s commission.

C. Motor Insurance Renewal


C1  How do I use GetCover App to renew my motor insurance?

Step 1: Log in to your GetCover App by keying in your user ID and password
Step 2: Select New Quotation to generate quotation for your motor insurance and key in the necessary details and the system will automatically run a check on market value and NCD status
Step 3: Go through the Add-On options i.e. windscreen, flood protection etc. and select your preferred add-on options, if any
Step 4: If you opt to include road tax renewal, please fill in the details for the road tax and ensure the delivery address for the road tax is correct
Step 5: Review the generated quotation before making payment
Step 6: Make payment directly to Insurer using credit card, debit card or online banking

C2  How do I access to my motor insurance transactions record in the app?

Step 1: Tap on My Quotation & Policies
Step 2: Select the Insurer by clicking on the Insurer’s logo.
Step 3: Choose to email a copy of any of the following:

  • Quotation
  • Policy Schedule
  • Certificate of Insurance (CI)
  • Tax Invoice
  • Receipt

C3  Can I use the app to renew motor insurance for all types of vehicle?

You can use GetCover App to renew motor insurance and/ or road tax for any vehicles registered under PRIVATE usage only.

C4  I’ve generated a quotation using GetCover App for my car but I did not proceed with payment. Do I have to pay for the quotation?

No, you don’t have to pay for using the App to generate quotation.

C5  Will I get a hard copy of the cover note and policy?

No,we will email the policy to your registered email address and we recommend that you save it for your convenience and future reference.

C6  I just bought a new car. Can I use GetCover App to purchase motor insurance for my new car?

The App is unavailable for newly purchased car and currently, under development. This is because, at the point of purchase, our system yet to upload the vehicle information to the ISM and JPJ system for the motor insurance.

Therefore, we recommend that you approach your Licensed Financial Adviser to assist you in the motor insurance for your new car. In addition, you can find the details for your Licensed Financial Adviser in the App under My Profile > My Partner. Once we have processed your motor insurance policy for your new car, you can use GetCover App to renew the motor insurance next year.

C7  I just bought a used car. Can I use GetCover App for this car’s motor insurance?

Yes, this is possible for a newly purchased used car and is subject to the following:

  • The vehicle information is updated in the ISM and JPJ system i.e. the car is registered under your name
  • No NCD

If you’re unable to do this, please contact your Licensed Financial Adviser to assist you in renewing the insurance offline. Besides, you can find the details for your Licensed Financial Adviser in the App under My Profile > My Partner. Moreover, you can use GetCover App to renew the motor insurance for your car next year.

C8  What if I have more than 1 car? Can I still use GetCover App to renew motor insurance for my other cars?

Yes, you may add your other cars by clicking My Vehicle followed by Add New VEHICLE.

C9  How many cars can I add in My Vehicle?

There is no limit in the number of cars saved in My Vehicle as long as the cars are under your name.

C10  What happens if I add my family members or friend’s car in My Vehicle?

The system will not allow this as the car registration details do not match with your ID.  As this is a security feature to protect user’s personal data and privacy.

C11  Can I help my friend to renew his car’s motor insurance using this app?

In order to prevent unauthorised transactions, we recommend that your friend to download the app and set up his own account User ID and password.

GetCover App only allows 1 user per account. Moreover, the car registration details will need to match with the rightful owner to ensure user’s personal data, privacy and financial information are safe and protected.

C12  My NCD entitlement is 0.00%. Why is that?

If your NCD entitlement displayed is incorrect, there are 3 common reasons and the table below shows what you can do:

No Possible Reason What you can do
i. Period of insurance overlaps i.e. wrong commencement date of the insurance Check the details and ensure all information is correct before checking the NCD again
ii. Your current policy details are not updated in the ISM system Check with your existing Insurer to update the ISM system
iii. Your current NCD is locked. This is usually because the renewal is too early i.e. 1 month ahead of expiry date Check with your existing Insurer to release the NCD
For further assistance, you may also email to customercare@getcover.asia

C13  When does my Insurer update my NCD?

Generally, the system update all information and details of your vehicle 2 months from the renewal date. In order to ensure proper protection coverage, you should always renew your motor insurance no earlier than 2 months before the renewal date.

C14  What should I do if I cannot find the Vehicle Make (i.e. Perodua) or Vehicle Model (i.e. Myvi) for my car?

You may email to customercare@getcover.asia for further assistance.

D. Road Tax Renewal


D1  Can I renew my road tax using GetCover App?

Yes, you can choose to include road tax renewal when renewing your motor insurance using GetCover App.

Road tax renewal option is available for any vehicles registered under PRIVATE usage only except for the following categories:

  • Motorcycle
  • Hybrid
  • Non-petrol vehicle i.e. NGV, diesel etc.

D2  What are the types of charges for road tax renewal?

Similar to online road tax renewal, the charges include:

  1. Road tax fee
  2. E-Service fee
  3. Delivery fee

D3  I have opted to renew my road tax using GetCover App. How soon can I receive my road tax?

Depending on your location, you will receive your road tax between 24 hours (in Klang Valley) to a maximum of 5 working days (East Malaysia).

D4  I’ve renewed both motor insurance and road tax via GetCover App but my road tax renewal is unsuccessful. Can I cancel my motor insurance renewal?

Yes, you can cancel your motor insurance renewal by sending us an email at customercare@getcover.asia. To speed up the process, please indicate the reason, credit card number, transaction date, amount payable and attached a copy of the quotation in the email. We will arrange for refund on unsuccessful transaction.

D5  What could cause my road tax renewal to be unsuccessful?

There are 2 possibilities that will cause your road tax renewal to be unsuccessful:

  1. Outstanding summons
  2. Blacklist records

To ensure successful road tax renewal, it is necessary for you to make payment for your all outstanding traffic offences and clear the blacklist records.

D6  What is the cooling off period for motor insurance?

There is no cooling off period for general insurance product including motor insurance.

D7  I’ve renewed both motor insurance and road tax via GetCover App and the policy has started. What happens if I cancel the policy?

There is a minimum premium charge of RM 100 since you used the cover note of the policy for road tax issuance. In addition, the refund of premium is on case to case basis depending on the duration from the effective date of the policy.

E. Motor Insurance: Good-To-Know


E1  Why you should always have comprehensive insurance for your car?

A comprehensive insurance protects you against liabilities to other parties for injury or death, damage to other parties’ property, and accidental or fire damage to your vehicle or theft of your vehicles.

In the event your car is still under a loan, the claims from the Insurer will come in handy to minimise the loss or even better, in order to help settle the loan provided the sum assured is sufficient.

E2  What’s the difference between Agreed Value and Market Value?

Agreed Value

Insurer will pay to you the agreed amount as specified in the Schedule of the policy in the event your vehicle is stolen or totally destroyed during the period of insurance.

For example, if you had renewed your car for an Agreed Value of RM50k and at the material time of the incident, the market value of the car is RM45k, the Insurance company will still compensate you up to RM50k.

Market Value

In the event of a claim, market value of your vehicle at the time of loss is based on ISM Automotive Business Intelligence System and if not available, where the loss adjuster will determine the market value. If the market value of your vehicle at the time of the loss exceeds the sum insured by 10% or more, you need to bear part of the loss yourself in proportion to the under-insurance. The maximum amount insurer will pay is the market value of your car at the time of the loss or the sum insured, whichever is lower.

For example, a buyer purchases a new car value at RM40k. Six months later, the car is stolen or met with an accident resulting in total loss; the market value at the time of the loss is determined to be RM50k. Thus, in the event of a claim, you are under insured by 20%. The claims payout will be reduced by 20% proportionally.

E3  What’s the top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles?

According to the latest resources available, below is the list of Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles in 2014 and 2015.


1. Proton Wira 1. Proton Wira
2. Toyota Hilux 2. Toyota Hilux
3. Proton Iswara 3. Proton Iswara
4. Proton Waja 4. Proton Waja
5. Perodua Kancil 5. Perodua Kancil
6. Perodua Myvi 6. Perodua Myvi
7. Proton Saga 7. Proton Saga
8. Proton Satria 8. Proton Satria
9. Toyota Vios 9. Nissan Vanette
10. Proton Perdana 10. Honda Civic

Source: PIAM

E4  What should I do if I recovered my stolen vehicle?

If you recovered the vehicle before you claim the theft claim, you will have options to either:

  • Withdraw the claim (if the vehicle is in good condition) or;
  • Withdraw the claim and undertake to repair at your own expenses (if the vehicle sustained minor damage and you wish to retain your NCD entitlement) or;
  • You can withdraw the Theft claim but pursue an Own Damage Claim (if the vehicle recovered sustained extensive damage or has missing parts)

You should also contact your Insurer immediately. The Insurer’s appointed Loss Adjuster will inspect your vehicle at the police station before they move it to an Insurer’s appointed Theft Recover Panel Workshop selected by you from the Insurer list. Example of the approved listing are as below:

E5  What is a betterment charge, how does it work, and why do I have to pay for betterment charges?

The maximum amount that the Insurer will pay for the cost of repairs to the vehicle is the expenses necessarily incurred to restore the damaged vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Betterment is a portion of the repair cost that the insured must bear when they replace the damaged parts with brand new original parts.

If you use new franchise parts (old for new), the insured will bear the betterment portion of the new parts replaced in accordance with the following scale:

Age of vehicleRate for Betterment (%)

Less than 5 years 0
5 15
6 20
7 25
8 30
9 35
10 and above 40

We will use the following in determining the age of vehicles:

Age of vehicle based on:-

  1. New vehicle – Date of Registration
  2. Local second-hand/used vehicles – Date of original registration
  3. Imported 2nd hand/used vehicles – Year of manufacture
  4. Imported reconditioned vehicles – Year of manufacture

The Scale of Betterment represents the maximum rates of applied betterment.

E6  What happens when I damage my car due to falling construction debris/equipment?

Depending on circumstances, the Insurer will indemnify you if you damage your car due to the falling objects impact. In some cases, you also can make a third-party property damage claim via Contractor All Risk or Public Liability policies.

We cover Personal injuries if you have taken up a Personal Accident Policy.

Please note that we do not cover convulsions of nature. Convulsion of nature refer to any loss or damage to your car caused by flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslide, landslip, subsidence or sinking of the soil/earth or other convulsion of nature.

For further enquiries, you can always check with your Insurer.

E7  What is a No Claim Discount (NCD) and how does it work?

No Claim Discount is a discount given to the policyholders upon renewal of their motor insurance if you do not claim from the policy for a continuous coverage of 12 months. So the discount given is based on a fixed rate provided by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) Motor Tariff.

NCD Discount for Private Car:

Period of InsuranceDiscount (%)

After the first year of insurance 25.00%
After the second year of insurance 30.00%
After the third year of insurance 38.33%
After the fourth year of insurance 45.00%
After the five or more years of insurance 55.00%

NCD Discount for Motorcycle:

Period of InsuranceDiscount (%)

After the first year of insurance 15.00%
After the second year of insurance 20.00%
After the third year or more 25.00%

If you are buying a vehicle for the first time, you will not entitle for NCD on your motor policy for the first year. Therefore upon renewal of your motor insurance policy, we will reward you 25% NCD off your renewal premium subject to claim free for past 12 months

Nevertheless, the NCD is under

your name and not the car, where you can transfer from one vehicle to another vehicle. When you have sold your old vehicle and want to transfer your NCD to the new vehicle that you are buying.

E8  I would like to transfer my NCD from a car I have sold a few months ago, to a new car I have just bought. Is the NCD still valid?

The NCD is valid for up to one year between the vehicles.

Please note that when you sell an insured vehicle and not replaced or is laid up and the insurance is not immediately renewed. Hence there will be a reduction of one-tier of NCD for every 12 months where NCD has not been appropriated.

F. Motor Insurance Claims


F1  What should I do in the event of an accident?

In the event of an accident, you can call your Insurer’s Auto Assist i.e. MPI Generali’s Dedicated GetCover Accident Assist Call Centre at 1-800-22-2262 for immediate assistance and lodge a police report within 24 hours.

F2  How fast can I claim the insurance?

We will process your claim once the Insurer receives the adjuster’s report and other relevant documents. Therefore, it is important that you notify the Insurer and provide complete documents as soon as possible so that we can process your claim without any delay.

F3  In the event I damaged my car in a road accident and would like to repair it; do I have to send it to a workshop approved by the insurance company?

Yes. You will need to refer to the list of PIAM (Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia) approved panel of workshops, which can be downloaded from PIAM’s website at http://www.piam.org.my/search-for-piam-approved-repairers/.

F4  How soon can I get my car from the workshop after an accident?

A period of repair varies from one vehicle to another depending on the extent of the damage to the vehicle and the availability of the spare parts.

F5  Do I need to pay anything to get my car from the workshop after repair?

You need to pay the amount of Excess and betterment charge under your policy, if applicable. However, if you under-insured your car, you will have to pay the proportionate difference.

F6  What is Excess?

There are two types of Excess:

  • Compulsory Excess of RM400 for private car policy. This is the amount of loss you must bear if the person driving your vehicle is not named in your policy or a person named in your policy who is under the age of 21 old, the holder of a provisional (L) driving license or the holder of a full driving license of less than 2 years.
  • Other Excess as indicated in the Policy Schedule. This is the amount that you are responsible to pay in the event of a claim. For example, the total claim amount is RM1,800 and the Excess of your policy is RM300. Your Insurer will only pay RM1,500 for the claim while you have to pay the remaining RM300.

G. Regulatory


G1  Is GetCover part of the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Financial Technology (FinTech) Regulatory Sandbox?

Yes, GetCover has started participating in the BNM FinTech Regulatory Sandbox since 25 May 2017.

The App will be running on a live testing platform, subject to constant review, specified parameters, and time frames. By downloading and using the GetCover App, you acknowledge to have fully understood the potential risks and accept the attendant risks.

G2  What is the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox?

The FinTech Regulatory Sandbox is a platform setup by BNM, to help startups experiment their product, service, or solution in a live setting, subject to appropriate safeguards and regulatory requirements within 12 months.

The sandbox refers to a live, contained environment in which participants may test their product, service, or solution, subject to requirements under the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Framework.

Click the links below for more information on the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox.

G3  What are the potential risks using GetCover App under the sandbox environment?

When using the GetCover App, you may experience or exposed to the following risks:

  • Downtime services
  • Interrupted or unsuccessful transaction
  • The entire renewal process may take more than 10mins
  • Termination of the App
  • Termination of all promotions and rewards

G4  What happens if GetCover App shuts down?

You will no longer be able to use the App to renew your next motor insurance and/or road tax. All promotions will end with immediate effect and the rewards points will be void.

However, your existing motor insurance policies are still in-effect. You can also get support and assistance from the Insurer for any inquiries about your policies.