It might seem a bit far-fetched to claim that your choice of color for the car you drive can reveal insights about your personality traits. But according to color expert, various shades have all sorts of meaning, and the hue of your car actually disclose more information about you than you might think.

According to the Axalta Automotive Color Popularity Report (2015), the following are some of the most popular car colors in Asia today. Check out what it says about your personality:



White car drivers like to present a fresh, young, modern face to the outside world. However,
the colour white is traditionally associated with purity, honesty and pristine; There is nothing you can hide under the white hue, thus, it suggests that white car owners are commonly hard to please despite the fact that they often portray a friendly face outside.



Gray car drivers do not want to stand out. They are modest, neutral and practical; they don’t need (or want) to be as flashy as silver. Gray car drivers care less about status more about the status quo, they prefer staying low-key and only see their car as mainly functional.


The metalic gleam of silver shines bright with innovation. The color silver is almost always associated with technology. After all, it is the color that represents security and style. People who drive silver cars are often high-class ladies or gentlemen with an eye on the upscale, their status is higher and they are usually not afraid to flaunt it to the world.


Powerful, classic and elegant. Black is the most popular car in luxury automobiles, in fact, it became the color that represents the finer things in life. Black car drivers constantly strive to make an impression; they are sophisticated, in control and are eager to make a statement.


A red car basically screams, “Look at me!” on the road. People that drive red cars tend to crave and strive for attention. However, red can also indicate energy, ambition, and confidence.


Blue is often seen as a practical, harmony and happy color for many. Many parents choose a blue family car as it projects a nice, stable family appearance. Blue car drivers are often confident, credible and authoritative figures that portray a sense of stability. They are people that can be depended on, loyal and trustworthy.


Yellow is typically associated with words such as “happy”,”joy” and “cheerful”. According to color experts, people who drive yellow vehicles tend to be more joyful and positive, in fact, they are perhaps a bit more willing to take upon new challenge and new risk when compared to an average person.


Brown car drivers are generally people who are more down to earth but crave for the same elegance, power, and high style that “Black” carries. Longing for special attention, they often want to be perceived as unique, deep and different.


Based on the color psycology, green is the most well-balanced color in nature. Green car drivers usually lead a pretty balanced life and tend to hold onto traditional mindset, but they are also some of the most trustworthy people around.


“Artistic”,”interesting” and “complex” are just some of the adjectives used to describe orange car drivers. They are generally more creative and outgoing; they are also more optimistic as well as uplifting in nature.

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